The importance of quick freezing admin September 8, 2023

The importance of quick freezing

The importance of the quick freezing

The importance of speed freezing in the food are either sanitary or qualitative: to minimize the risks of bacterial aggression, which occurs within +65°C and +10°C and to avoid the negative effects of evaporation.

Furthermore, cooling cooked dishes at room temperature or unproperly (for example inside low-temperature refrigerated cabinets) causes the frozen of food tissues. In slow freezing, the ice-crystals, which form inside the cells and tissues, are large (macro-crystals) and they will damage the cell, breaking them.

The product, once regenerated, leaves its liquid component, loses its consistency and its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics are compromised. On the other side, the Sinofcold quick freezing, deploying the power of our the blast chiller, the strength of the ventilation and the reaching of very low temperatures, allows the formation of ICE MICROCRYSTALS. These do not break the cell and do not damage the tissues and structure of the product which, once regenerated, will regain its original physical properties.

Quick blast chilling and freezing widely reduce water-evaporation, meanwhile slow-cooling has instead abundant evaporation, resulting in dispersion of the product’s aroma and weight loss. It is therefore essential provide quick chilling and to avoid slow-cooling. The selection of Sinofcold device will provide quick temperature cooling and high-performance.

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