Sectors admin August 25, 2023

Sinofcold’s technology for every need


We provide professionals with the most innovative equipment to preserve the freshness of food and optimize production processes to guarantee the quality and pleasure of eating away from home.

For small and large pastry workshops

Every pastry chef with the support of Sinofcold technologies can raise their level to make cakes and delicacies without setting limits on creativity.

pastry shop
The right cold for every chef

Preserving tastes and flavors perfectly is the basis for the pursuit of excellence.

Technology in the service of the bakery

Optimal temperature and humidity management, improved product quality, enhanced food safety. Sinofcold offers a complete range of yeast stops, dedicated to both industrial and small artisan bakeries. 

We preserve the taste of real ice cream

A cold environment and ideal temperature are definitely the right combination for an ideal result.

ice cream shop
Let's improve the work of master pizza makers

Sinofocold supports the work of master pizza makers with cutting-edge technology in terms of performance and practicality of use.

The most from our products for master chocolatiers

The EVOX PASTRY line of canning cabinets with solutions for EN 60×40 and EN 60×80 pans are the ideal companion to maximize the
creativity of master chocolatiers.

chocolate makers
Sinofcold offers targeted solutions for large-scale retail.

Sinofcold is able to offer a wide range of Professional refrigeration equipment suitable for maintaining the Cold chain in each individual department.

Sinofcold is present with specific products in the industrial and semi-industrial food sector.

has a wide range of ROLL-IN blast chillers suitable for a variety of needs