Refrigerated counters admin October 9, 2023
Refrigerated counters for every need
Refrigerated counters | Evox Line | Activa Line

Complete range of counters for the most every need

Thanks to the design of the Sinofcold counters it is possible to exploit any type of room available in the kitchen or laboratories.

/ Evox Line

With the EVOX range of retarder-provers counter, you can manage retarder-prover, controlled leavening and constant temperature maintenance cycles by setting 4 parameters: temperature, humidity, duration and ventilation..

/ Activa Line

The ACTIVA range of refrigerated counters, with 700/800/900 mm depths, are the ideal solution for making effective use of space in kitchens, pastry, bakery and ice cream workshops. Solutions available without top, to insert tables into the existing furniture, or with top or with top and uprise.

Sinofcold, discover the refrigerated counters range

* Prices listed are subject to change.  To be checked at order.