Production planning in the kitchen admin September 8, 2023

Production planning in the kitchen

Production planning in the kitchen

The advantages coming from the use of the blast chiller are many: Today we would like to present one advantage which, in our opinion, is among the most important but is often difficult to perceive by users: PRODUCTION PROGRAMMING. The blast chiller can be used to SAVE RAW MATERIALS, WORK HOURS, ELECTRICITY and to improve the quality by better managing time and staff.

Here are some examples:

By purchasing large quantities of product at a lower price or taking advantage of bargains and then chilling or freezing, it will result in saving on the purchase cost.

(for example once a week) to regenerate the food at the time of serve. By doing so, it will be possible to reduce peaks of work and to have a better distribution of tasks among your staff. This will result in an efficient distribution of daily operation allowing, for example, the preparation of holidays menus in advance and reducing the need of additional staff in rush-hours.

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