EVOX: always connected admin September 8, 2023

EVOX: always connected

EVOX: always connected

Nowadays, the remote connection of our tools has become fundamental in every “smart”, modern and efficient kitchen. The 24-hour connection allows extraordinary advantages, especially in terms of assistance.

The new EVOX controller offers unprecedented advantages, thanks to the technological evolution it incorporates. In fact, the standard features of EVOX (RJ45 ethernet connection, USB port and micro SD) can be integrated with the WI-FI connection which allows you to connect the device to networks and makes the blast chiller visible directly on your devices.

The new EVOX, in addition to the download of work cycles and HACCP data, allows remote diagnostics of your blast chiller. By constantly monitoring the general functioning and state of the EVOX components you will always have the situation under control.

This allows you to reduce technical diagnosis times by effectively supporting technical assistance services, saving time and money. For this reason, the device meets the requirements of the Italian “industry 4.0 plan” for the remote connection of devices.

EVOX allows real-time diagnostic control of the devices and the sending of automatic reports, SMS and email alerts. The advanced version allows access to the programming section for modifying the operating parameters.


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