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Storage cabinets Precise and effective
Storage cabinets | Evox Line | Activa Line

Products designed to best preserve food.

With  Sinofcold technology, it is possible to manage the different  conservation phases in order to keep intact the characteristics of the food..

/ Evox Line

The EVOX range of storage cabinets allows you to better manage the conditions for preserving different foods. Humidity, temperature and ventilation are the main factors to create the right environment for maintaining the original characteristics of baked bases, ice cream, meat, fish and chocolate.

/ Activa Line

The ACTIVA range of storage cabinets, 700/800/900 and 1400 litres, are the ideal partner for storing the raw materials and creations of pastry chefs, bakers, ice cream makers and chefs from all over the world. For every product and space requirement, the ideal solution is called ACTIVA cabinets, available with single door, two half-doors or double door.

Sinofcold, discover the range of conservatory cabinets

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