Blast chillers admin October 9, 2023
From today, the Blast chiller is only multifunctional
Blast chillers | Evox Line | Activa Line

A complete range of professional, reliable, innovative and high-performance blast chillers.

HORECA From the small 3 GN1/1 table-top models to the GN2/1 trolley models, SINCOLD blast chillers meet all the needs of HORECA professionals

/ Evox Line

The complete range of blast chillers-freezers from 5 to 80 trays offering solutions for catering, bakery, pastry and ice cream making, heavy duty food production and collective catering.

/ Activa Line

Perfect combination of ease of use and performance. Blast chiller-freezers from 3 to 14 trays, equipped with a fully automatic digital controller

Sinofcold, discover the blast chiller range

* Prices listed are subject to change.  To be checked at order.